Lines on imported character

I imported a character into blender and there are these lines that show up where UV wrapping is. Anyone know how I can smooth this out ? Also I’m new to Blender.

Welcome @Kenshin0710.
Some models don’t have seems in the mesh to distinguish the different UV areas. They are actually different meshes (not connected) in the object (mostly fro game engines?). Goto edit mod select on polygone, select more until no more selected and try to move. If if for example “the back came off” then this are disconnected submeshes.

In Blender you can connect them, but you have to look a the UVmap. In the UV Editing workpace there is a Sticky Selection Mode, (maybe) this has to be set to Disabled (if i’m remembering correctly).

I tried disabling the Sticky Selection Mode, but it didn’t change anything. Any other thoughts ?

I didn’t say only this would change something, i’m talking of the posibility that the mesh is diconnected; you have to merge the vertices (manual or for example Mesh → Merge → By Distance).

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Thank you, that worked.

So I did this first:

and I did this after

You are awesome!