Link Animation

Hello everybody!!

My problem is how i can link a mesh from one file, lets say A.blend, to another one. B.blend.

In A i have my mesh, rigged, animated with some actions and poses. Now i need to set up a new scene, B.blend, with several props linked (trees, grass, etc) and the rigged mesh of A.blend. The problem is, that i link the actions, but the mesh does not move, of course i use NLA for the linked actions.

So, somebody does know how to linked a rigged mesh with actions to another .blend and how to use the linked actions and poses?

Thank you!!

It works here. Just use File > Link. The linked armature will have a linked action with a new button to the right. Using this button will return the action as local.

I think i have manage something. Linking in the object folder of the .blend instead of actions, armature and mesh folder. The thing now is how to make local the linked objects, so i can tweek the animation.

Thank you!!

Yes that’s it. I should of mentioned it’s in the Objects folder. I don’t know why the other folders are there, I never get anything out of them.
To make local press the new button next to the action.

ok thank you, i’ll try that