Linked armature issues

Hey guys. Im working on a project and i have character extras that are duplicated from a main rig.

Basically I have a main rig that i duplicated and used for character extras. After i link the rigs into my scene, i make proxies and when i try selecting the rigs they dont highlight, but i can still move them and i can go into pose mode to edit them. Heres a pic with both extras in pose mode . In one, It has no highlights and i cant tell which controller i have selected. The other is working normally.

second image i have

Any ideas? Thanks!

it’s hard to explain and im not sure that is it but I will try anyway.
I think in your rig file your rig’s visibility is turned on which makes it turned on in the linked file as well. This armature is displayed twice in your viewport. Once for your linked character and once for your proxy.
For some reason the armature is displayed above the proxy and you always see it as if you were not in the pose mode.
I had a problem like that but instead of showing one armature on top of another i had Z-fighting of both.
My solution was to make the armature only visible in the file with the rig and not in any other file.
I made it something like that:
the armature is in 2 collections at the same time. One is linked with the geometry and not visible in the viewport and the other one is visible in the viewport but not linked since it’s not part of the character collection.
I belive it’s also the workflow of people from the Blender animation studios.

I’m not 100% if this is connected to your problem, but it’s worth trying.

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Hey! Thanks a lot for responding. Your post gave me ideas for me to go in and investigate the issues. What i found was that the In Front option was turned on in the viewport display and that was causing the main rig collection file to be displayed over the proxy. I fixed it by turning off the In Front option for the rigs i had linked in the main file and now its working properly. Thanks again!