Linked Multi-layer Groups?

Hi all,

Is there a way to link in a group with a multiple layers, and then be able to view only one of those layers at a time? My notion is to have multiple resolution versions of an object, each on their own layer. This is how they are set up in their blend files, but when linked into another file, they just show up as one single-layer lump.

Thanks in advance!


In the Append/Link Window there is a button named active Layer.
Deactivating this option should bring in the objects to the same layers, they are in the other file.

Didn’t notice that button. Unfortunately it seems that button was already deactivated, and toggling it on and off seems to have no effect.


I have realized that espacially the linking of groups sometimes does not do, what I would expect.
Selecting all objects, instead of the groups in the append/link dialog, did it for me in these cases.
And the objects then where in their layers as before.
Hope this helps for you.