Linking combination of rigs

Let’s say I have two rigged assets - a character and a car.
Now I have multiple scenes (created in separate blender files) where character would be sitting inside car, holding the steering. A bit of facial animation of character and a bit of turning of steering wheel.

I want to pose the character inside car holding the steering wheel once, and then link this as starting pose in all the scenes.

Any suggestions on how to do this?
Is this even right direction or should I just create this pose again in every scene?

This is how I eventually did it for myself.

Setup the car plus character, pose the character to hold the steering and save it as a pose.
Next create an empty and parent both car and character to empty to maintain their relative placement. Put empty into its own collection.

In any other blend file where I am creating a scene, link the collection above, create proxy for the character rig, and apply the saved pose.
That gets me exactly what I was looking for!