linking Generi rig help please

I am trying to link the generi rig into a scene.
I can bring it in ok. Then I go to set a proxy and the big list comes up to select from…which object is the one i should select. It’s easy with mancandy (candyskel) but i cant work it out for this one!
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


First open generi and look for the armature.

Note armature name

When linking, chose armature name to be proxified (I just invented new word there)

That’s it!

Thanks for reply. A dumb question but how do I know exactly where/how to find the armature. apologies but I am new to this!!
Thanks again :slight_smile:

try the Outliner…:o

thankyou. not exactly sure what im looking for but sure i will work it out. cheers