Linking libraries

well i didnt find a better place to post the related issue so im posting here,i guess…
why when i try to append my character s group ,when i move him around to find a better place to start it from,it just moves to the group stantard position back again after pressing p to play?
any clues on how to get this fixed?
thanks in advance,
PS: i know this might be a stupid question but thats where im last stuck lol

How are all the support sub-forums not a better place to post this?

hehe thanks for the input Uncle :smiley:
so could u point me out a proper place to post the relaed issue?
Thanks but even though ima try a closest place in order to troubleshoot this…
Kind regards,

You have to make the linked character a proxy, i think it is ctrl+alt+P or something like that. You can also use the space-search menu to find it.