Linking materials for multiple objects?!!!

So, I’m designing a chess board full of chess pieces. All the peices should share materials (you know, colours and textures…) but not the propetities you change in an object’s edit mode. The chess peices are curves and meshes (like the knight). But, I don’t want the other objects to turn into the shape of the active object. Any way around this? Any help will be thanked for because frankly, knowing is such a time saver!

PS. I’m a bigginer, so please no really complex words…

for mateiral select all the object you need then Ctrl-L and select material

this will link all object to one material

hope it helps

You have quite a few options here.

Blender draws a sharp distinction between an object and a mesh. For instance, all of the pawns in your game can share the same mesh. The same is true of materials. (For instance, all “white pieces” probably use one material; all “black pieces” another.)

Review the term ObData and what it refers to . . .