Linking models and sculpt, question.

I have a little problem I like to use AniSculp technique, You know, animating with sculpt mode to shape key’s and than animate those shapes in action editor (we talk about Blender 2.49) . But with linked model’s that’s isn’t possible. I know about appending, but my main charackter in animation is present in more than one file. So appending isn’t good for me, because of fixing armature and so on. So , the question is, is possible to use shapekeys on linked models?
I find another solution between link and append, but it’s a little bit confused.
Mainly, to append action into file that is linked ,and than use sculpt mode to fix some deformation’s, so that’s all. I think that sculpting linked object’s it’s not possible, but it’s still worth asking, cheers!

append the IPO