Linking object between scenes EXCEPT animation keys

I’m tring to link an object from a scene to another one, in order to keep the possibility to edit it in all my animation.
The object will have to move differently in different scenes. So, I need to link it only about materials - and geometry editing, not for what it concerns animation.
Any possibility about it?

just make a ‘full copy’ scene and delete the animation keys for the one in which you don’t want them.

Well, Modron, that​ approach removes the benefit of a “link.” Now you have two separate and unrelated copies.

separate but not unrelated. to what extent they synchronize just depends on the point at which you make your full copy.

  • Go ahead and create the linked copy.

  • Now create a new object in your second scene (a cube will work fine)

  • go to the object data tab on the right (the icon is the triangle with vertices)

  • in the dropdown, you can change the mesh data for the cube so it uses the mesh data from the object you wish.

  • now you can animate the new object independently, yet the mesh information is still shared if you want to change it in either scene.

Hope that described it easily enough. I can go into more detail if needed.

thanks rcpongo… that’s exactly what i needed. One more question : is that possible also with groups?

I answer myself : Yes.
Here is how :

But the editing works only from the original object-group