linking objects between scenes

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My first post so please treat me gentle and play nice.

I’ve created a simple human figure made of multiple objects which has then got an armature rig to control it. I would like to have multiple scenes where the armature operates independently in each scene but any changes to the mesh are copied to all scenes.

Currently if I create a new scene with “link object data” then I can move the armature independently in each scene, but the meshes are also independent (a new armature.001 and mesh.001 is created). If I “link objects” to a new scene then I can change the mesh in all scenes but any poses made to the armature are also made on all scenes.

Is there any simple way to solve this problem? Any help would be very gratefully received.

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PROXY. That’s the answer. Found this lovely little tutorial on youtube that solves everything. Thankyou very much to this man:

Hopefully this will help someone else out as well. I’m constantly surprised and amazed by this program.

I’m not sure of what’s your problem but here’s the method I use when I want to use a rigged character in several scenes :

  • in your source file (the one with the rigged character in it) create a group containing the armature and all the objects of the character then save this file.

  • now in the file where you want to create your animation, click file, link, choose your source file and in this file, select groups and choose the group you have just created.

  • if you don’t modify any option when you link the character, it’s supposed to appear in your scene ; now if you want to be able to animate this character, you need to create a proxy with the armature : select the character, press ctrl+alt+P and pick your armature name in the drop down list.

  • now you can select the armature and if you pass in pose mode, you can start to animate.

  • just repeat those steps if you want to create a different animation in a second file.

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Much appreciated Sliv, thankyou. It’s bloomin difficult to find out the solution to a problem when you’ve got no idea what to search for. That is the perfect solution though, cheers.