Link's Desk (Updated)

A friend got me looking back at the Legend Of Zelda series, which I hadn’t played in a while and since I have been into Blender so much lately, this is what resulted:

Most everything was done in Blender, although the model for the fairy is imported from Poser.

C&C Welcome.

By the way, just to protect my butt here, The Legend of Zelda is copyright Nintendo.

it’s good,can’t really say anything is wrong with it, i am not that good


well done !!

I don’t think Navi (the fairy) sould have body… halo with wings would be more accurate.

Texturing looks little ugly and lights should be tweaked IMO. Maybe a blue lamp emitting glow from fairy? A bit tweaking and this might look great.

I like that ocarina.

pretty good, but i hate navi.

same ^

Alright, I didn’t like her either so I fixed Navi. (I think)

Nice picture, but I think the textures i a little to clean. For example on the boomerang.
The fairy is fine, but I think it/she was better on the first pic.

They look better than in the (N64-)games.

Textures could use slight improvement (particulary the walls), but other then that it’s near perfect.

nice picture.
i wanna make things like that too. also pictures of books i read, but i have to be better then i am now. :frowning:

ocarina is too smooth and the fairy, navi, needs to be a dot with wings, anything else doesn’t work for me.

the overall texturing is great to fit in with the ocarina of time type graphics for the buildings.

Actually I don’t mind Navi too much as is, though it’s not completely faithful to the N64 versions of Zelda. Afterall, the only reason why they did that (wings and halo) in the first place is because it would be near impossible for them to render full-bodied fairies considering the hardware limitations.
I say just make the halo a bit softer for this pic, because it’s difficult to actually see the body.

Alright, here’s an update: