Linux and CMYK....?

I am a Linux newbie and would like to ask about CMYK colors support in any GNU, Open Source or GPL graphics program (like Gimp, Blender, Sketch, etc). Anyone knows about this? I read that this is something that makes, sometimes, people decide to work with proprietary softwares (in Win or Mac, anyway…) and not Linux. Since I am not so informed about the world of Linux, this is why I am asking here. Is there support for CMYK colors for Linux? (please, remember… GNU, Open Source, GPL, etc. Free softwares) I very much enjoy Linux and want to migrate to it, but I still have to learn a lot about it.

Last I checked, CMYK support was patented and that was why it wasn’t in the GIMP. a quick search says it is planned for version 2.0 so if you can live without it for a few months, there will be rewards.

Some drivers for multi-tank printers convert from RGB to CMYK automatically before printing of course but there is some fine control lost and you cannot be entirely sure about your end product until you do a test print or two.