Linux Blender to DTS - Collision


I bought the 1.5.2 version of the Torque engine. I use it on Suse 11.0.
I am making some game pieces for a friend of mine in Blender 2.48.
He would take the pieces in OBJ format in MilkShape and add collision / export as DTS.
I made a couple of pieces that used planes, and when he does the export, he sees through the planes from one side, they are not 2-sided for him.
I got the Torque DTS exporter for Blender .0964. When I export them they render double sided.
I add a Bounds box, add a ColsMesh1 and have the exporter build the tree.
I can drop it in the demo version of the engine I have and it renders correctly, 2 sided, and I bump into it. I do not have a method to select it in my engine or shoot it so that is all I know for now.
I send the DTS to him, it renders correctly double-sided and he told me he sees the collision is there but he cannot select the object.
He uses Container Ray Cast to select an object.
I created a simple TestBox, a cube with no texture, a collision box slightly bigger than the cube and a bounds box slightly bigger than both and exported. I plan to shortly post it here for an example of what I made.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.