Linux build of the current orange CVS, for Athlon XP

Hi all !
Seeing all the goodies that offered the Orange branch of blender, I decided to build a version for myself, considered that only windows version existed.
So I did it, following the very good advices of this post :
the post is the one by -efbie- concerning ubuntu.
The result is a bin compiled under Ubuntu 5.10, with optimizations flags for AthlonXP (if you’re interested in the flags I used, I’ll put them here), and which works fine (the node based material manager is a real pleasure!! :o )
You can download it here :

I hope you’ll enjoy this really great soft!

Sorry for my rather poor english, I’m french…

I tried to post on the forum’s dedictaed parts, but when I registered it has had a problem, preventing me from receiving the confirmation email…So I can’t activate my account and I can’t reregister myself…It’s quite annoying…

Thank you very much! I can’t wait to try this at home.

I’ve a problem with Yafray, in plugin mode the console says me " Error loading yafray plugin: ./blender: undefined symbol: getYafray", and with the xml activated blender crashes with a segmentation fault.
I’ve recompiled yafray, it’s the same. I’ve tested yafray with an xml file grabbed on the net, it works perfectly.

I’ve recompiled blender with gcc 4.0 and gcc 3.4.5, each time with and without the optimization flags, It has never worked.
My yafray is not installed in /usr/bin (or a subdirectory of /usr), but i’ve created a link to my yafray in /usr/bin and made ldconfig with the yafray’s lib path configured in /etc/

If anyone has an idea, I would be glad to him to help me :slight_smile: