Linux: Dual monitors?

Well, I’m back with Linux after deciding to keep Blender as my main rendering app but I need some advice from you Linux gurus. I have a 17" CRT Samsung SyncMaster 751df as my primary monitor (it has a high resolution) and a 15" Mitsubishi DiamondPoint NXM56 LCD as my secondary (only supports up to 1024x768) with a ATI Radeon 9600 pro as my video card. The CRT is using the normal monitor imput while the lcd is using the dvi input and I would like to have my desktop span across both monitors. Right now It’s the same desktop, windows, everything going on both with the same low resolution. When I was using windows this worked like a charm having my main monitor at 1240 x 1024 and secondary at 1024x769 but I’m sick of the crappiness of windows at the moment so I’m using Linspire 4.5 now. It’s not the most popular distro out there but the ati radeon has perfect 3d support right from installation no fuss like other distros! :slight_smile: So does anybody know how I could go about spanning my desktop across both monitors? Or have two differetn desktops all together since I know linux has multiple desktops? This would REALLY help me out. :slight_smile:


and it sells for $10

you need to edit your xf86config file

just read the docs

[man pages and stuff]

also, apparently some window managers don’t like having different monitors of different sizes, I want to play with xfce, see if it works better [screenshots I have seen imply it does]

Thanks for the reply, I feel like such a newbie…ugh, horrible feeling. %| When I get home from work tonight (damn 7pm to 3am shift…) I’ll go through and try running the fglrxconfig and mess with the settings with that. I tried once but the results were funky…my lcd worked but it was at 640x480 and the CRT seemed to have 4 split views of 640x480 it was wacky I tells ya. :slight_smile: I’ll try to keep this thread updated with my success (hopefully) or horror stories so maybe other Linux first timers can get it going. Gotta say, I’ve tried Mandrake, Redhat, and Suse but none of them worked with radeon cards very well I’m impressed with Linspire in that respect so far. :smiley:

depending on your gfx card you might find that xinerama disables opengl on ( one? ) of the monitors
nvidia drivers have a twinview mode that allows opengl on both monitors with opengl on both (haven’t actually tried it)

yup, I’m currently running nvidia twinview … both monitors 1280x1024… it’s great, blender spreading out on both monitors.
but that’s nvidia stuff. sadly I dont know about Radeons, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of giving the screen resolutions for monitors in X configurations. docs will tell you. :slight_smile: