linux first-timer, nvidia issue

i bought a distribution called aurox for 12€, based on fedora core. installation was a pain (yea i’m a lazy OSX user), but finally worked. blender works, but without 3d-acceleration.

the magazine that came with the dis said how to install the included nvidia drivers for my geforce

"… switch to a terminal, log in as root, kill the window-manager with telinit 3…

…run …/ to install the drivers…

…start the win-man with telinit 5…"

the installation quit with an error:

“…ld wasn’t found. make sure …blah… you have binutils and/or ld is in your PATH…”

so, the 1000 $ question: what is ld, what are binutils, how to handle PATH? in the meantime i’m further investigating in that case - the nvidia website sais different things about the installation procedure.


ld is the linker and it seems that you don’t have GCC (The Gnu Compiler Collection) installed. I don’t know this distribution, but I’m sure it has a package manager. Run it and install everything gcc related. (gcc, g++, make, automake, autoconf)

The Nvidia package needs that to compile a suitable module for your kernel.

aha, ok - that makes sense. i don not have the gcc stuff installed. thanks for that, reset :slight_smile:


The nvidia installer is also likely to need your kernel-source as well so install the right sources for the kernel. (It specifically needs the kernel header files)

type ’ $ uname -r’ in a terminal to find out your kernels name/version and install it.