(jbelanche) #1

it’s really a great thing? :o

(basse) #2

wow… maybe it is a good thing… hard to say. people that buy PS, I think, want to play with it. so there is really no need for OS.
but let’s say, you dont have the money, or you just dont want to buy a separate computer to do some desktop work, like graphics or wordprocessing… then this is really a good thing.

has anyone here used this??
does it work like it should?
do the softwares compile to this prosessor? actually I dont even know what kind of a prosessor it is inside ps2 :slight_smile:


(acasto) #3

I may be wrong, but isn’t the linux-PS kit for making games, not running the OS on the PS ? So this kit is more for developers and shouldn’t make a difference to the players.

(steve343) #4

ur right its for games or programs only. they did a similar thing on the dreamcast.

(Kid Tripod) #5

actually its a full fledged linux implementation, limited only by the nature of the PS2 specificaly the 32MB ram. You can do pretty much anything you would on a normal linux box, but within those constraints (which are quite limiting) - notice it has an ethernet connection