Linux Livecd as a Blender cvs Compiling System?

I am trying to get as much use out of Livecd’s like Knoppix as possible. Does anyone know of a linux Livecd that can be used for compiling Blender or Yafray on a extra computer? I tried to compile on an Ubuntu Livecd but I couldn’t get it to work. Any ideas?

if blender source and object files combined approach half a gig, what exactly does this buy you?

[ubuntu doesn’t seem to come with everything needed to compile much of anything on the livecd, but knoppix did if I remember… though I highly doubt any live cd comes with all the libraries required to compile blender [why would a livecd need mesa-devel?]]

You could try Mepis.

I have this distro, and it boots from a liveCD then you install it after you have confirmed that everything works.

So I think that everything needed to compile might be there. I still am hesitant to say that it would compile though.

I don’t know much about Linux, so I very well could be wrong.

try a build your own distro, I know there was one made for dev work, and it had several hundred libraries you could add onto the cd, the base was pretty slim (30mb or something, had a basic gui and nothing unneccesary, think browser+gcc :P)

I was thinking that this would be the only option for a portable Linux compiling system.

I would be nice to have a Livecd for compiling that updated it’s packages online with Urpmi or Synaptic. This Livecd could be just for compiling the latest builds of Gimp, Blender, Wings, etc on any free pc you have sitting around.

Why don’t you install Linux on the separate partition?

Live CD is pretty limited unless installed on HDD.

I’m a new Mandriva user myself and I love it. The the Livecd thing is just an idea. I think that it would be fun to compile Blender/Yafray on just about any PC that’s available.

if you do a live cd, base it off archlinux, arch has THE best package manager, and it has a cool name too, pacman :smiley: plus arch is very slim.

Thanks for the tip. I will take a look at that.

Knoppix uses UnionFS, so you can make changes to the filesystem. The changes are stored in RAM and dynamically replace the ones on the disk.


apt-get update
apt-get install build-essential

The DVD version probably already has that one in it.

I just downloaded the new Knoppix DVD I will check this out. I’ve always had problems with setting myself up as “root” in Knoppix.

use root console


think debian ™