Linux Mint 17 + Nvidia GTX 970 Not working

Hi there! I would like some help please.

I see that there are a few people using gtx 9xx cards and other maxwells. I’m not having the same luck.

After a lot of hassle, reinstalling several times, I have finally installed the cuda 6.5-19 for ubuntu 14.04 .deb, which I think is necesary and the latest nvidia driver, 343.22. But when I try rendering in blender cycles I get a message that says “Failed loading render kernel, see console for errors.” What could be going wrong?


Yes, I’m using 2.72b. I’ll try one of those daily builds, both the official and the gooseberry, see what happens. Thanks.

They both work. Thank you very much IkariShinji. I can now enjoy my new gtx 970 with blender. Yoohoo!!:eyebrowlift2: