Linux Question

This probably will look like a stupid question to all you Linux gurus:

Is there any way to use Linux to manually check/repair a FAT32 file allocation table? A Windows 98 machine just went corrupt (again) and I need to recover data before getting a new OS and reformatting.

I have a Slackware Linux 7.1 live bootable CD and some Linux experience, if that helps.


Check and see if you have the fsck.vfat program - if so, run it on the drive device in question. (# fsck.vfat /dev/hda1 )

have you tried mounting the drive in linux?
maybe it’s just windows OS that is messed up, but the files on the parition are still ok… ?


Thanks guys!

Fortunately the files were fine – just the FAT was messed up. The OS was fine too, but it was on drive with the messed up FAT so it couldn’t read itself.

Hehe… couldn’t read itself… that just seemed funny to me.

Anyhow… my systems have been somewhat lean lately… 0% FAT… NTFS on one system, and that Linux stuff on the other, with all it’s funky I-Nodes and stuff.