Linux w/ Jack support

So my recollection is that previous Blender 2.8 betas had jack audio support, but the latest July 4th beta only offers OpenAL sound. Has there been a change among devs about this? Jack support is useful.

Maybe an oblivion in maintenance of buildbot.
I don’t know. I compile Blender myself and I have no issue to compile it with Jack.

Hi, I check my version from 22.06 and it has Jack support.
The version from 05.07. has not.
I will try to reach the developer work on the buildbots what happen.

Cheers, mib

Yeah, I just checked that. The last version from May has Jack.

blender-2.80-b3f96da2e605-linux-glibc224-x86_64 --> Jack support

The last two releases after that, nope. It’s gone. This is a minor bug, but one I’d hope would be stomped before 2.8 official goes out the door.

Hey, there was a July 5th beta release which I hadn’t noticed. So I downloaded it. But… still no jack support.

I cant reach Sergey at moment, weekend.
Will try on Monday.

Cheers, mib

FYI: I downloaded the Jul 8th 2.80 Beta and Jack support is back. Thanks whoever did this!

Yep, I reported today and buildbot was rebuild about 6 hours later.
If they do not fix it today we may get a 2.80a soon. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib