Linux, Wacom Graphire 2 and The Gimp

Having major troubles getting my wacom graphire 2 working under fedora linux core 1.

I installed as instructed on, and enable the stylus under gimps input devices.

When I go to use the stylus under the gimp, and do some painting, I cannot click off the gimp image window - I cannot turn “off” the paintbrush, or select the toolwindow or anything - neither my usb2 mouse or graphire2 mouse works, I have to kill gimp by bringing up a ctrl-alt-f3 console, logging on as root and killing gimp!!



set you input devices to use “display” (or is it screen) instead of window in the file->windows->device configuration (or similar)

tho, I am not in linux right now, can’t say everything for sure

Thanks for the reply, I have tried setting the input device to use “screen”, and “window” - same result, gimp locks up after using the stylus…