Lion Cub - Character For Animation - Help Wanted

I’m right now in the process of sculpting my first animal character, the Lion Cub, for my short film, “Tale of the Lion Pride”.

Before I mess anything up in the process of sculpting it, I need some help with the right path to take and the correct toolset to use as I progress through the making of my short film.

Anyone who can provide me some tips and advice for helping me with such a task for creating an animation-friendly character? I’ll be greatly appreciated if you guys can assist me in this production of my animation.

Thank you.

Also, before you say anything in regard of the image, I took it from the Internet and it is what I currently uses at the moment for the side view of my character.

With that, do help me with learning Blender as much as you can to provide tips to me.


Hakuma Matata! What a Wonderful Name! Great Study and Work.

Unfortunately, I can’t do the job, I certainly enjoy the concept.

A shame, but thanks for the interest of my concept for a short film (Was that what you enjoyed?). You’re not much of a sculptor, are you, Danny? Then, you need to buckle up your game if you want to become a character sculptor for animation.

Also it is “Hakuna”, not “Hakuma”.

Okay, guys. A little help here, please. I think I’ve got the basic shape of my lion cub character done, but not sure yet. Can you guys assist me in sculpting the character to its finished model? Thanks

Here is the side view of the sculpt:

I think it is small, but what do you guys think of my current sculpt? Any advice on making it better will be helpful, thanks.