Lip-sync / acting exercise

This is my first ever lip-sync, hope you all like it. Comments and critiques welcome, but I’m pretty much done with tweaking this piece… on to new things!

Download here:
9.5mb zipped AVI.

Rig / character provided by Jason Pierce

enjoy :smiley:


Can’t download it, get some page about “File download limit for your IP address ‘’ expired.”


Mike_S, are you sure it’s not a problem on your end? I can download it fine. I just checked.

Mike_S, I just tried to download the file again, and got the error message you mentioned.

After deleting my firefox download history, and the previously downloaded copy of the file, it worked fine again. Something strange is going on, but I don’t know what.

Please let me know if you are still having problems, I’ll use a different server.

I was able to download it (with Firefox). Any hou, I can’t say much except that the lip-sync is pretty darn good.

Have it working now, thx, …will be awhile on dialup :slight_smile:


That’s really excellent animation and lip sync IMO.

The only crit I have, is that his eyes move a bit quickly, but depending on the style, i.e characticured, it looks fine, for more realistic style, the eyes might be slowed slightly.


To the hasty ones: right click and save as on the download page…

Nice! That has to be one of the coolest things anyone has done with Ludwig so far.