Lip Sync Test

Hey guys, I’d just like to get some helpful comments on a test I did. It’s the first time I’ve done lip syncing, so be gentle. I know the textures on the floor and wall are pretty bad, but they’re really only there so that he’s not against a black background. Also, I couldn’t figure out why the floor material wasn’t receiving any of the shadows or AO. In any event, I hope you like it!

Pretty nice test, I was able to just listen instead of watch, if you understand my meaning. The only detractor was the body animation - you need to keep the body moving, leaning, tilting, chest in, out, etc. to avoid a static drop. Other than that, nice work!

Hey, nice job… I agree with Craig that you could add some body language, but some of the stuff – like counting with the fingers – was a really nice touch. But it was fun to watch!

Timing’s really good on the lip synch. Looks like it might be slightly out on “Discovered”, otherwise nice work.

Rest of the animation could use some polish as others have already noted… It’s also useful to have a frame counter if you want animation critique, and provide it in a format people can frame-by-frame on. YouTube isn’t the best for that.

Thanks for the input, guys! I’ll try and tidy this one up!