Lip Sync using Shape Keys in Template files

Hi All,

I have created 3 characters in separate .blend files to use as a library. I have created facial shape keys for each of the characters and I have been using papagayo (and importing via the python script) to match the voice to the lip sync. For what I want to do it all works quite well. I am now creating a template file to bring the characters and scene together. This is where I have a problem. My characters have quite a bit of dialog and I am not sure how to put this all together. What I want to do is to be able to add the dialog and lip sync in the template file. The problem is that template files seem not to allow this. So my question is how do you add dialog and lip sync using shape keys to characters included in a template file? I know I could attach bones to the shape keys but then I assume that negates the use of papagaya??

Any suggestions welcome…