lip-synch addon

Found an addon that will let me use papagayo to lip synch. I have tried installing it but it comes up with a couple of errors and wont install. It was written for a older version of Blender and i am using 2.72 does this mean its not compatible or am i doing something wronge again. LOL I must admit without the help from you guys I think i would give up but i fully intend to soldier on, but im no programmer. LOL

Many thanks

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Do you have a link to the add-on you downloaded?

I think you mean the addon from @Khujj?

I think he is from asia somewhere.

If you download blender from addon is included already, you just have to enable it from Testing group.
If it is not in your 2.72 you could download it from
It shows up in interface and hopefully works - i have no Papagayo installed and haven’t checked further.

bl_addon_info = {
    "name": "LipSync Importer",
    "author": "Yousef Harfoush - bat3a ;)",
    "description": "Plot Papagayo's voice file to frames"

thanks guys for your help. Brilliant advice yet again
got it loaded just got to figure out how it works now LOL LOL
Keep you all informed how i get on