Liquid Shapes 2

This is a very old picture, it was posted on some art-related web-sites.

Hahaha, nice I like it. It reminds me of Oldenburg’s piece, “soft toilet” or w/e. That pot makes me angry, I wish it would fall…

very nice

Melt them down !!! YEAH !!!


cool, nice pic. :stuck_out_tongue:

is that a 3d max teapot? what’s wrong with suzanne?

hahaha! it looks like our house when the A/C is broken. :wink:

I confess :slight_smile: I got this teapot from a very old official blender demo, that was showing use of C-Key environment mapping :slight_smile:

I could’ve redone it with suzanne, but i’ll have to redo GI, which takes a lot of time, and I consider this project finished anyways.

:stuck_out_tongue: looks like my apartment.