Liquids within solid glas - Game Asset

Started to work on this last year in order to learn glas and liquid shading like they should behave (solid meshes, touching surfaces). I decided to modularize and instance it, to replace some decade old game assets. Anything gets baked into single diffuse map with alpha on a low poly version that is the cache for the highpoly OpenSubdiv one.

I struggled to finalize it while trying to get the gel within the glas look better. Depending on the HDRI rotation, the brightness and reflections of the filled glas ones do not look right to me. 2.8 was also released and i had to focus on the transition. Only the decal is a texture, anything else is just cycles principled. I hope to get the glas and liquids right and create more texture variations that allow for the final bake.

It was never made for a beauty render so here is what i got so far (forgot to set the outer shell version to render :smiley: ):

Changed the overall shapes and switched from double sub-d, to a crease only version. That will bring me more in line with a pure OpenSubdiv workflow. Tweaked the materials a bit and added more bubbles to the gel instance. Started to kitbash a few pieces that will add details in the next version.

With beeing backlit, it start to look like it’s going somewhere.