LIs character figure try


I have included a file, does anyone want to try and create this character’s body from Lost in space for use in the game engine, doesn’t need detail, as a texture could provide that. Most likely from the figure I have, the lighting isn’t very good, but for the purpose of just getting the figure created I think these should be okay for now.

I don’t know how to create this, I’ve done it once, but not very good.

I’m going to try again with this, but I thought I’d post this, somebody may want to give it a go, remember to only model one side of the figure, as for uniting it, and creating a skeleton well that is another task.

There is three images in total, two front, and one of the right side, It will require some improvisation.


Thank you.

lischaracter.blend (1.3 MB)

I made a start, but I tried a cube for the figure, and then I couldn’t really do much with it. I then tried a plane to start on one of the legs, that is certainly a primary objective.

lischaracter2.blend (1.3 MB)

New file below includes better reference images.

lischaracter3.blend (2.9 MB)

I even tried a cylinder for the leg, I think that is the ticket for that.

lischaracter4.blend (2.9 MB)

Hi, I have tried to see what I can do with this. So this would work in blender game engine. I have used 2.76. The aim would be to animate the body, i would include a neck and face, from my older model. That I can’t do any better, I am sure the body can be better with an animation that works as closely as to the cgi character from the film. :neutral_face:

Here is my work in progress so far.lischaracter5.blend (2.9 MB)

lischaracter6.blend (2.9 MB)

So this has a alpha body, spheres and a cube is what blender game engine supports, so the body must include the legs attached/joined or built within, for a smooth armature to animate the legs.

It isn’t that doable. The good news I have the old file. But that wasn’t very flexible, too boxy, and static.

circle, box, and cylinder as well plane work in the blender game engine.

lischaracter7.blend (4.2 MB)

I don’t remember how to do much in this. I do have a player and a weapon to add to it, so I could try and recreate this mini game.

lischaracter8.blend (4.1 MB)

I haven’t a clue how I could model the spider body, I think my original file was the only way. But it lacked good animation, proper walking.

The animation works in the armature, but I don’t know how to switch it on, I would need to scale this, compared to the original, the player would still use a melee attack, while the character hits the player.

I’d create it from one map to another, with just a small area, since blender couldn’t support any special effects, and a new model would load with the character injured with small spiders on it. That would be the only way it would work out for a game complete.

I don’t think there isn’t much that can be done concerning the structure of the AI. If somebody can try and assist me with this task. Of,

Having a player be attacked by the character, I have the animations setup, but I will need to have a new model of the character where once the player stabs the AI, it will load one with small spiders on it. I had it textured the original file, but it was used from the film.

For this I will keep it simple, I recall some difficulties with it when i did try it, there were some problems.smithfiletest.blend (4.1 MB)

The cube here is just the FP, but yes, the AI just moves and is animated as seen, but just facing a different direction. I used 2.76 for this edit. I will add an FP with a camera into the file along with the weapon.

This was a try to duplicate the legs, and create another using the original. I don’t know, if anything I whole new body is obviously needed to make a more realistic looking character as seen in the film. It is there, but I think the legs are really the poorest part of it. :laughing:

smithfile2.blend (4.1 MB)

In this file, I have the basics setup so, there is health bar for the player there, there is a load of stuff, that any python programmer would understand. So the character kifes the AI, and a new one would need to load in its place, I will want to load the new AI with moving AI spiders. I scaled the AI a bit, so that the FP knifes in the stomach area. In the film, professor Robinson’s stabs the Spider smith’s egg sack, like a dump truck. :rofl: So the spiders eat their wounded.

Anybody want a crack at this. Here is the new file.