Lis spider smith program wip

look - for all models in games, they make a grid scan, even in very complex models, it is there and many large developers do not refuse it yet, you do not have a grid scan of the model and for example, you used one type of texture for the legs, and you will have to use another for the body, a third for the head, etc., it’s easier when all these textures are combined into one - it’s easier and more convenient for many reasons

This is how I did the first time around. It has worked out for the projects I have done few years back.

So where do I go with this, the texture isn’t working, can somebody get it working for me?

maybe you computer not support GLSL mode - use Multitexture mode, and assign texture in image editor - select vertex mode in you model and in image editor select image how texture and on texture mode in panel, maybe this help for you

The system I use is a optiplex 780 desktop, so one of these, only has integrated graphics.

Hmm, as for the program working, i would need somebody to get it interacting, if the texturing can’t be sorted. Everything is there. The healthbars.

The bullet fires for the knife effect, so the spider’s healthbar goes down, or needs to go down.

That’s the kind of error you get when you don’t have graphics card drivers installed. On older products (like yours), the Microsoft-supplied drivers often don’t come with OpenGL.

Try getting your graphcs card drivers straight from Intel.

if you computer not support video drivers or not support input videocard - use material colors or vertex paint

Well the texture problem isn’t a massive priority, I know how to do that, at least before this problem happened. Default it is just what is seen there, without textures.

I need some programming, whether bricks or python.

I found this but it stated they were older than the drivers installed. The problem isn’t the computer, I can use another, but for this project blender runs fine, Arctic mini game or the others it closes.

I tried your file and I had no problem with the textures both in GLSL and Multitexture modes, but I think they are rather large considering you are using integrated graphics. I would try scaling them down.

When you state, they were okay, are they displaying in the game engine? I don’t see why I would need to separate them as they are small, and the file itself is very small, the music only makes a little bigger.

Perhaps a very detailed mesh may cause stability problems.

Yes, they are displaying in game. I mean large in resolution, not file size, they are 1944x2592. On the link to the chipset support you posted, under ‘Product Information & Documentation’, in ’ Supported 2D/3D Graphics Features’ it says ‘Up to 2048x2048 texture size’.

Can you show me this via screen? The conclusion is the images don’t display in the game engine due to the driver/lack of graphics card.

Top: Multitexture / Bottom: GLSL

On GLSL the body looks like that because the mapping is set to Generated; I didn’t change it, it was like that.

Ah okay, thank you.

I really need the program working, since there isn’t an actual texture problem. You able to program, you get the idea from how it works. When the Player stabs the AI, the healthbar of the AI will go down, and then a new model would need to load in its place with crawling spiders, I have the file setup, I tried get it to work, unless it does and just closes because of the graphics problem, could be. Spidercrawleffects blend file.

I have now done some more editing, rotated the head and neck, and made it a little taller as a result. I also added more textures. Better than no textures. I removed the track for the moment.

smithjun30.blend (4.3 MB)

May be it needs a little on the horizontal. Just a touch.

I decided to open this in a copy of the upbge I have, and it does work, it has the bricks I have in the file there.

Obviously the file is very bare bones, so it wasn’t like the few others i have that don’t run in upbge.

It isn’t that useful, since there aren’t special effects that would be needed for a working mini game, game engine or upbge doesn’t make too much of a difference.

Anybody want to try and get it working in the upbge?