List of addons that work with 2.8

Looks like a good idea to me at this point. Something like a spreadsheet where you can filter would be perfect but not sure if this is possible on blenderartists.
It’s also getting hard sometimes to see if an addon is already in the list or not. That is one of a reason why I’ve spend less time on the list.
At the moment I have something like: Developers are free to put their addon in the list, but I will be only active when I bump into an addon that catches my attention.

To me, every-one is free to organize the list.

Added Archipack 2.0 for blender 2.8 (commercial enhanced version)


Can we at least enforce that the lists be in alphabetical order? Took me ages to find a particular add-on.

Maybe it is better to make a google spreadsheet or something like that to organize list.


Good idea. It’ll have less conflict.

Edit: Started the spreadsheet. Ran out of time. Hopefully someone else will contribute in fleshing it out further. I have basic knowledge of spreadsheet, so if anyone wants to format it better, please go ahead.

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I just updated my savetemp addon with a new name, Temporizer and it works with 2.79 and 2.80

It is a free one.



I Updated my small addon:
Curve Remove Doubles

it adds command “Remove Doubles” for curves. (Merge consecutive points that are near to each other) Useful for clearing imported SVG files.


This is becoming quite a nice and extensive list of addons. I wonder if it somehow could be made into a database with all addons for Blender…something like sketchup extension warehouse or



  • Curve Remove Doubles
  • Temporizer
  • Modo-Me

Regarding a database or excel like sheet I think it has to contain the following functions:

  • Filters
  • Search (by Tags for example)
  • Sort

And as first column fields:

  • Addon name, descriptions, tags, links, categories

At the moment I don’t have an idea how to handle different categories for one addon. For example Manuel Bastioni Lab , you could give it animation, character modeling, etc.


Max has a great database for plugins
Most important is version compatibility !


Ah, long-lost memories of my 3ds Max years. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is this great looking one. Havent tried neither so i cant say if its a good replacement


@maraCZ hi! thank you for updating it. i tried instailing it but i don’t see the edit options to make planks longer or wider or anything, is there a way to do that in this version? thank you!

All the options have been moved from the left T panel to the right N panel.

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Has Precise Render Border Adjustment addon’s adaptation to 2.8 been taken up? I’ve found it useful.

Samuel Bernou has updated his Snippets library addon for text editor to 2.80.
Please add it to the list: github / democlip

You can update this to 2.8 yourself by doing this:
in your Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\addons folder, open the file. Then, where it says bl_info at the top, change the version field to “blender”: (2, 80, 0),
at the bottom, change mesh.update(calc_tessface = True) to mesh.update(calc_loop_triangles = True)
This should make it work for now. I will be update the addon later.

It works !, Thank you so much (11.2 KB)

Added a free addon Modifier Popup Panel.


Modo-Me is not free addon