List of addons that work with 2.8

Has Precise Render Border Adjustment addon’s adaptation to 2.8 been taken up? I’ve found it useful.

Samuel Bernou has updated his Snippets library addon for text editor to 2.80.
Please add it to the list: github / democlip

You can update this to 2.8 yourself by doing this:
in your Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\addons folder, open the file. Then, where it says bl_info at the top, change the version field to “blender”: (2, 80, 0),
at the bottom, change mesh.update(calc_tessface = True) to mesh.update(calc_loop_triangles = True)
This should make it work for now. I will be update the addon later.

It works !, Thank you so much (11.2 KB)

Added a free addon Modifier Popup Panel.


Modo-Me is not free addon

What is the issue here? I did not list it as free add-on under this topic. This topic collects both the free and the paid addons. See the first post and the title.

See my original post in this topic. Does it sound like I tried to make it look like it was free? If there is a mistake w listing in the original listing @Peetie should fix it.

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no. 108 Modo-Me under free addons

Ah thanks,
My mistake, i’ll fix it.

Note for requests to addons to be added tothe list; everyone is free to edit the wiki. I stopped actively searching for addons and adding them to the list.

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Ok thanks, but it would have been better if you actually pinged the guy who owns the thread, so they can fix the issue.

The way you worded made it like I as the developer of the addon was tricking people. I am not responsible for the first post. However I will edit my initial addiition and mention it is a paid one. I overlooked it when I added it.

No problemo! :slight_smile:
Keep the good work!

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The first post was intentionally switched to a wiki so anyone can update and fix these things.


Jewelcraft ported to 2.80 version:

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Ohh thats great, I will put it in the list later if no-one else did it alrready. The list can be modified by any-one since it is a Wiki.

Don’t worry @Peetie, you’ll be able to stop modifying the list when Blender 2.9 is released in 2022. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello guys and gals! May I suggest to the add-ons’ developers to keep a 2.79b compatible version beside the “new” 2.80 version? It could be a frozen version if the dev has already started to port or ported it to 2.8. This way we are not going to lose those add-ons that work with 2.79 (and several I use will probably never be ported to 2.8). Thanks.

I didn’t find BlenderKit here - :wink:

Added all of my shading addons with 2.8 support:

Hi, @Thatimster
That sounds super al those updates I will try the Wisp shader.

Do you know that every-one can add the addons in the list in the first post? It’s a wiki and we all have access. I stopped adding addons to the list myself, because started out to be a day task and didn’t have time anymore for myself. Very busy now with some projects.

Didn’t know you could do that on Blenderartists! Have updated accordingly. Would it be worth removing the google sheet then to avoid confusion?