list of appropriate graphics cards

Somewhere, though I cannot find it, there must be list of appropriate graphics cards and laptops for running blender. I’ve had problems with my laptop not showing subtle parts of the interface before now, and I’m looking at getting a new laptop soon, and I want to know what will run Blender.

well, I’ve never had an issue with my ATI 3850. My wife’s on board intel on her laptop works fine too.

Only time I’ve had issues is when I don’t use OEM drivers & let windows use the MS ones.

Intel graphics cards can cause problems. use nvidia, although ati has cleaned up theyre act recently as well. so i guess you can use both. just stay away from intel…

There are some recent posts on the last pages.


gotta ask, where are you getting your statements from? I can prove both ATI & intel work with no issues. I’ve been using ATI on my PC since the 8500 & my wife’s had an intel for 1.5 years now with no issues. At work I put blender on an ATI and it has no issues.

Anything with bad drivers will have issues, regardless of what it is.

This is my wife’s laptop: here. Intel 943GL graphics. I’d say you just need to make sure your GPU has basic OGL support but I’m pretty sure ALL GPU chipsets in the paste 5-8 years do. But it wouldn’t even play Q2 in OGL mode until I manually updated to the latest intel drivers. Then it ran everything as expected.

personal experiance, other posts by blender users have similar problems as i had, and the right side of the page.

Users with Intel on-board graphics: some graphics operations (menus or border select) don’t show due to driver bug.

the problems arent just limited to menu errors. it can cause problems that make it impossible to work.

I can vouch for generally ATI on LINUX is a no-go. I’ve given up.