list of blender game commands

I’m trying to work in the game scripting in blender.
I was just wondering, is there a list with all the commands you can use in blender?
Like reffering to objects, actuators, sensors,…
I did find this list,,
but I suppose that it’s allready out of date? Since I’ve tried a few of them and I also found other things.
So how can I find an up to date list (meaning for 2.5)?

i would advise:

where bge stand for Blender Game Engine module.

bascially since 2.4 GameLogic became (more or less) bge.logic

Thanks for the list, it makes things go a little bit smoother XD
But I’m having problems with one thing.
I used this command:
bge.logic.sendMessage(activatePlayer, body=“playerInTurn”)

And I have a message sensor which will create a movement, but it doesn’t move when I run the game.
Note that it does work, when I use a send message logic brick (so without python script).

// edit
Another problem: I wanted to use a while loop, but it’s not working.
while 10 == 10 :
testing = 4
obj[“playerInTurn”] = testing

now the property “playerInTurn” isn’t 4. Any idea?