List of Favorite Developer and Power User Pages on Blender Wiki

Here are some great reference pages on the wiki all in one thread. Most are core devs but any are

welcome. Please post your favorite and I will edit this first post to include them.

Lukas - doing a great job on code architecture improvements, physics, particles, [py]nodes and a lot of other projects.
Troy - with some great color info. One of Blender’s best color gurus.
Bastien - Lots of projects and some agressive bug smashing.
Thomas - lots of Cycles work, OSL and Blender Podcast.
Dalai - Cycles baking, stereoscopy, walk mode and BGE among other things. Some older Git info but still useful for general reference.
Mitchell - Some great work and the most active dev with BGE! Thanks for giving it some love Mitchell!
Sergey - A big collection of Blender under the hood information, coding references, develper scripts and build environment techniques, some great projects like OpenSubdiv and MaskEditor among other things.
Campbell - He’s got a veritable plethora of references. Stuff for devs, power users, technical information. If your brain is empty his wiki page will definitely fill it up to over flowing.

Post your favorite below and I will edit this list.
Thanks : )

To me, MiikaHweb who did a lot of improvements with Smoke Simulation . (don’t find her page on Blender Wiki)