List of hotkeys for Blender 2.5


I have written a script which finds all hotkeys from Blender and prints them out to the console.
Don’t know how to attach text files (only jpgs?) to this post, so left the hotkeys.txt on this pastebin:

Feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:
Anyone interested in the scripts?

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ps. The length of this post with the hotkeys included would have been 62700 characters long, but allowed are max 10000.

Thank you, this saved me arse.
I could not find how to center my screen to the cursor after switching to 2.5

Appreciate this, thanks!

oh come on guys, how much time you’ve used blender 2.5 now?
you just open the preference go input and type what shortcut you want to know in the search field, it’ll pop out. no need for a hotkey export for that :slight_smile:

You know that command as well as countless others are in the menus, in this case View / Allign View. It’s apparently something that most users don’t bother looking at but doing so answers many questions posed on these forums.

Thank you, this helped.