List of The Best Training for Blender 2.8 [beta] for A Complete Newbie


I’m just looking for a corroborative list of the best sites, courses, and forums to learn about using Blender 2.8.

I am a complete newb but I really want to learn how to use 2.8. Seeing how the new Blender will be a complete overhaul, I’d like to get on the bandwagon early on. A Google search doesn’t yield too many results on sources for learning about Blender 2.8 so I thought I’d ask the community on where to find the best tuts and courses.


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Blender Guru


Blender Ninja
slightly biased, my own youtube channel that leans towards the grease pencil side of things

My soap box moment …
It’s easy to get overwhelmed, as Blender is a powerful multifaceted program with a myriad of options and as blender 2.8 is still in the beta stage comprehensive tutorials are still thin on the ground none the less I think you have your smart cap on by jumping into the mix at this stage…My suggestion after of course you have learnt the very basics IE Navigation basic modelling techniques is to create a very small non ambitious project which allows you too slowly immerse yourself into this great product, buckle up for the ride.


This collection is very informative:


You should check out my stuff.

I’m going through creating the entire solar system as a way to teach the basics, including making a basic space ship.

I also include other non-blender stuff, like the principles of animation (extremely important for newbies and experts) and game development stuff like coding.

I love Blender Guru.

His beginner’s tutorial, which is possible to do in Blender 2.8, is so great.

Best for me thus far is the Blender 2.8 Launch Pad on CG Boost by Mr. Zach Reinhardt -

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+1 for Chocofur, his series are well detailed, easy enough for the total beginner and he explains many simple workflow/interface things that will enable to gain speed and productivity.