list of work for a good portfolio/demo reel

Hi All, am planning to make a ‘good’ portfolio/demo reel (can be project for 2-3 years).
Does anybody has some experience with:

  • how many pieces
  • what kind of pieces…etc…?

many thanks…

If this is for College, then get the details from your instructor as to what he wants.

If this is to get a job in the ‘Real World’ then you want it to be no longer than 2 minutes or so.

  1. Assume that most of the time nobody will watch past the 30 second mark. That isn’t a slur against you, its just that a lot of HR depts get swamped with submissions and they tend to only get a quick look at stuff. If they have 100 submissions to wade through, they are not going to be looking at the whole thing.

  2. Get all your best peices into the early part of the reel.

  3. Think of it as a small movie. Get some interesting lighting onto your subjects that shows off the pieces strong points.You can ‘turntable’ the work so its more visually interesting.

  4. Show some wireframes

A lot of people use a nice music track to go along with it. You can google some show reels and see what people have done.

Remember to think cinematic on the presentation and get your best stuff into the first 30 seconds.

Good luck!