literally don't know anything about computers..

and i want to get a new one that runs blender like a beast…
My computer wont even let me sculpt its so slow…or something…

and i would preferably like a laptop so i can blend on the go :stuck_out_tongue:

any ideas?

Neptune 2 or Racer 2.0 Expensive but if you really have to have a laptop…

here a review of the Panther 3.0(with 580 SLi)

or one of these Professional Laptops(Again Expensive)

Depends, how portable are you looking for. A big 17-18 inch workstation or macpro set up correctly will run blender like a beast. They are expensive, and aren’t going to be something you set on your lap for long… or use in a plane… comfortably. what size laptop, and how much is too much as far as cost?

Laptops are never as powerful as desktops in the same price range. Expect to pay a steep price for a powerful laptop.

I have a second hand laptop that I bought at roughly 1/2 the price of a new one. She runs blender really well. For major renders, I leave it running over night, and have access to a workstation I can leave the grunt work once my lappy has found that divine blend to rend over a period.