Little Big Planet - Sackboy

I finally got here. (finished projects)
I did this for the BG competition. Im not really 100% super happy of this mainly because of the theme. I learned from this that you really have to spend a looot of time thinking on the idea before you start it or else you wont enjoy it and it will suck.
Anyway, here is my image:

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I think it looks awesome, great work. :yes:
Maybe you could rig him, make a walk animation and then you can make a simple game with Logic Bricks? :wink:
I really like LBP’s art style.

marvelous!! It’s so cute!

too bad you are not happy about the theme because thats is the best thing in this render. Well done, deserves to be on gallery.

good luck on the contest :slight_smile:

LBP and LBP2 are in my top ten favorite games of all time, and this came out very well! I like it even if your not entirely happy with it, and Good Luck!

render in cycles or bi?

mind if i make this my own custom splash screen? :slight_smile:


mind if i make this my own custom splash screen? :slight_smile:

Sure not!

Good work. You have blessed with the creative head. Keep it up.

I like it! I can see it potentially winding its way into a Daft Punk music video.

Nice post from author

It looks good, and surprisingly cute.

I think it looks really good! I love Sackboy. I like how you textured the globe, fits the style really well.

Very awesome! It looks amazing, whether you like it or not. XD

very nice!

Nice how long did it take to render?

This is cool. Great theme!

i really like how you kept the style of animation so much like mm studios. I could see this on an advertisement for LBP3. =)

Excellent work, textures and rendering is so good.