little character animation.. (400kb)

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Animated this in about 2 or 3 hrs. , but weirdhat said it isnt clear what’s happening, so I wanted to get some suggestions :stuck_out_tongue:
I wanted to try how much i could do with such a simple character. As you see, it isnt that much %|
cya henrik

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I’m not sure what is meant to be happening either. Little character comes in from right to box, seems to laugh (or get a flat tyre???) then tries to leave, bumps into the edge of frame, and then the box tells me it is a joke. Maybe if you explained a bit more about what your characters goal/action is… I can try and offer my suggestions. :slight_smile:

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the character drives through the world, sees the box, is curious, gets terrified cos the box suddenly jumps, drives fast away, bumps against a wall and is ko. Then the box says it was just a joke.
Would love to read your suggestions! :slight_smile:

cya henrik

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OK :stuck_out_tongue:

Curious… ah-hah!

I’d suggest having the guy walk (roll) around the box, do a complete circuit. Look it up and down. Pause somewhere, as if thinking… then very slowly edge towards it… But as he does so the box moves a little… and the guy jumps back. He edges back again… (or not depending upon how brave he feels :wink: ) then carefully edges forward again… this time getting really close… then just when he is about to touch the box it really jumps around (maybe use a lattice to the box and stretch it around)… the little guy runs off hits the wall… spins around very fast and erratically and then colapses in a heap, backwards and the bottom bit jiggles a bit (nervous twitch). There is a pause. The box stretches up as if to see if the guy is alright, then does the joke flag thing. This is just my thoughts, use them as you will. :smiley:

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hehe, that’s almost like i wanted it to do at the frist time. but i was too lazy %|
Well, maybe i should do that…

cya henrik

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well, here’s an update:
cya henrik

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That’s sweet :slight_smile: