Little Fur Test Wip

(renderdemon) #1

Hi,I’m trying to test a bit the new hair particles,for now I’m trying to do some fur with it.
The system is really good,even if I have some difficoulties in finding the right shape for the fur(the face interpolation of child particles is good but give a too uniform look to fur,I have to find a way to control the combing without making it too precise…)
A thing that I miss is texturing with uv texture the density of the fur for children,it could help in giving a more wild look ,now I have to try with lenght for this,but I’m not happy with this.
Lighting is not easier,this is a thing I have to study better,I would like to try some ibl lighting but I’m not sure strand render is able to do it.
Btw,here are some result(I have to improve the texture,really ugly),on the bottom the 3d mesh used(I have to work better on it,it’s a bit difficoult understand how changes the fur if I change the 3d mesh shape and how much the general shape depend on fur or on the shape of the model)
This is basically made without references,now that I have found a decent look I’ll try to improve it a bit,the problem here is finding different views of the same animal,the web is full of tiger images but they don’t help very much,every animal is different from another one in shape and colors too,maybe I’ll do a rig for that,at least to give a more natural pose.

Btw,Brecht and janka have made a nice job,the system is really powerfull.

(ChojinDSL) #2

Holy crap that looks awesome!

(Orinoco) #3

^^ What he said.

Since all the tiger patterns are slightly different, what’s the worst that could happen if you combine patterns from two tigers? I don’t think it will be a problem.

What a great advertisment for the new particle system. This should be on

(Juggler) #4

Photorealistic. and i agree with Orinoco that this should be put on the website.

(egan) #5

Wow!!! That is incredible. Nice job.
Agree with Orinoco.

(Aslan) #6

Hi, your mod is amazing. I began a tiger too few days ago.
Other thing, how many particules are there? What is the render time? I think your mod has some parts too square, but it may be the particules which do that.
Thanks, good work.

(PapaSmurf) #7

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to model a cat. sheer genius! My only request is that you share your settings on the fur section in the wiki user manual. My daughter loves tigers, maybe fewer black stripes she says.

(blndr08) #8

that is amazing

it’s so photorealistic it’s surreal

(Meta-Androcto) #9

what a wonderful job.
i must say the new particles look great,
the skill here is the artist using the tools.
well done indeed.

(Sammaron) #10


Really cool.

(nfollmer) #11

Awesome…Nothing else to say really. The fur is amazingly done, and everything looks perfect. The only minor crit I have is the tail doesn’t look right, it gets kinda fat in the middle, but the fur is perfect!

(Maqs) #12

hehe, this is just what i love in u renderdemon:D really great job:eyebrowlift:

(Sammaron) #13

ummm…shouldn’t this image be in gallery? don’t move the whole thread, cause it’s about the fur, but the whole thing! great stuff. I’m still blown away at how well controlled the facial hair is! maaaaaaaaaaan cooooooooooooool

(free_ality) #14

Wonderfully done, I agree, this is some top notch stuff. The fact that you still see fault in it makes me want to see more of your work :slight_smile:

(Ace Dragon) #15

One of the most photoreal animals I’ve ever seen in Blender, good work.

Is it possible you could shave polys off by relying on subsurf for smoothness?

(kbot) #16

It’s just the best.

(mattebb) #17

Looks great, the fur grooming is really nice. One thing that does stand out to me though is that the textures have a lot of colour noise in them - it makes it obvious that the textures are photos taken by a digital camera - you can see this especially in the front legs and nose. I think it’ll look a lot better if you can get rid of this from the texture itself.

(Mitso) #18

Damn! Nice! Have you worked with other hair programs?

(renderdemon) #19

Broken,texture is hand painted,I haven’t used photos,I never use them.
The noisy look is wanted, first I paint the texture and after I give a little noise filter in color,in specular,in warping the texture coordinates,probably here I don’t have to use mitchell filter,gauss will give a more smooth look when rendering.
Without the noise,it look too smooth,maybe I have used it much,but it help a bit in giving variation,after I try to modulate it based on fur lenght(short fur is more noisy in how light react with it,longer should be more smooth),for now what interest me more is the face,it’s really hard to make head fur without making look cartoonish.
Btw,This is not finished,I have to redo the fur pattern(it’s a bit to dense),and improving the model,this is the easier thing,I have started with this mesh which I made for and old project,now is too anatomical(it wasn’t a tiger but a smilidon,here I’m changing proportion and muscular mass a bit),it needs a bit of fat on it,and it will look less square(but here main problem is face children interpolation,it gives that square look,for now I have tried random length to improve that,mesh in theory is smooth)
About the fur itself,it’s 1 million strand render,with 1 texture for length(Random noisy),some vertex group for density(head with more fur,basically as the fur is shorter the density is more,where is longer density is less).
Big problem are in giving variation on the fur,the only way to do it is using more particle system on the object,but as copying baked hair doesn’t work I’ll have to comb another particles system for this,it will be a daunting task :eyebrowlift:.
Mitso,yes,I have used maya fur,blender fur is really good,what miss is a more advantage shading on it,problem is how to do translucence,I have to think of it(and I’ll try to do the 2 specular shifting found in fur papers,I have some idea for that).
Btw,thanks guys.:eyebrowlift:

(UglyMike) #20

This, almost more than BigBuckBunny, should be the poster child for Blender’s new fur rendering… (at least for stills.)
I’d love more close-up shots though. A turntable view would also be nice…