Little garden (sort of project)

Ok, i’ll start by saying im a master at doing unfinished works :D, and about this i am aware there are a lot of problems but for now i’m not planning of completing, also because of time and ‘mood’ costrains…
This personal work (done some moths ago) is about a strip of farm that i decided to see how it could be transformed; trees with ngplant, rendered in cycles, some textures from and the leaves from my scanner.
Here some images!

later i will add others :slight_smile:

Love that concept! It has a very peaceful, secluded feel. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

@ Owldude : thank you :slight_smile:

Here are the othes images!

As written i am not planning of completing it, but probably when the stable 2.64 will come out (right now is crashing my video driver…) i will try some tests with camera tracking.