Little Garden

befroe and after (maybe too blue? oops)

There is a way to do this in Blender both in Object and Edit mode. I use Sensei Keys and perform these actions in a breeze. But anyone can do them with 2-3 steps at a time:
Object Mode:

  • Snap the cursor to the point on the teapot you’re interested in (in Sensei Format this is very easy, I just press Shift+RMB and the Cursor snaps where ever I want to).
  • Set Origin: Origin to 3d Cursor
  • Set Snap Element to Vertex and choose Active.
    You’re done. Press G and snap the teapot wherever you want

Edit Mode:

  • Choose the Vertex on the Teapot and Snap Cursor to selected (Shift+S menu).
  • Set Snap Element to Vertex and choose Active.
  • Select all the Vertices (the first Vertex should be the Active one)
    You’re done.

I also use Snap Utilities that @filibis mentioned. A must for us users coming from mostly CAD apps (I’ve been a Rhino user for a long time and I feel at home with this addon).

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more luminosity


i’ill buy this add-on, i didnt know that the 2.8 update was on