Little Garden


** edit putting this here because everyone think that the image is the render

im working on my archviz port-folio,
im trying to reproduce this image in cycles :slight_smile:

im modeling it in sketchup right now
(why sketchup? because for precision work right now blender is not appropriate, and sketchup have for shure the best and fastest tools to draw non-organic architecture)

everything is modeled from the photo-matching tool so the scaling is almost perfect

next step :

  • try to convert every ngon with holes to regular ngon, because blender can’t do ngon with holes, unfortunatly :frowning:
  • import it to blender from a obj file
  • bevel the sh* out of important corners

I’m an architect and come from a CAD background, so I can relate to what you say.
But you are mistaken: Blender has a different workflow but can be used with extreme accuracy, with tools like increment snaps, geometry snaps and grids.

All my archviz work in blender is precise.

Btw it looks beautiful! I think you may find Eevee interesting for Archviz, it’s so very fast!
Cycles on the other hand is very accurate ray-traced lighting.

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this is the kind of precision i miss

There is an addon for blender which adds exactly this kind of snapping with reference point. I can’t remember its name but if you google it, you’ll find it easily. I use blender for arch viz and precision modelling and so far I’ve had no problem with it.
BTW. if snap to closest doesn’t work, change your origin to where you want to snap and then use snap active.

NP Station addon

I believe @BD3D didn’t mean Blender is not accurate. The tools and workflows is just not architect-friendly right now. Finding/snapping midpoint of edge, drawing perpendicular to edge/face, rotating/aligning stuff, extruding inwards etc. is painful. There is a good reason that someone provides a paid addon for these stuff:

And look at the rightclickselect site, 2 of 5 top wanted feature of all time is related to CAD/precision.

Isn’t this painful to look at? :sweat_smile:


What i find painful is modelling very small objects to scale like for example, a door handle. i tried modelling the metal edging you get sometimes on the edges of cupboard doors but i had to give up because i couldn’t get the viewport clipping distance small enough to see what i was doing.

Blender is really popular for archivis, so i am sure these are possible and im just getting started with it really. Id love a thorough guide to setting it up to work efficiently in millimetres / centimetres / meters, with whole number snapping.

Does anyone know of such a guide out there?

Hey @jimbobrjames , let’s not occupy this WIP topic of @BD3D further in my opinion :upside_down_face:
Why don’t you just create a topic with your questions? (with screenshots and .blend files if possible)

Sure… i did think about doing that but it sounded like @BD3D could use the info too, but sure, I can open a new thread. Didn’t mean to upset anyone :slight_smile:

i already gave blender for modeling architecture a try, it was really painful to do some basic drawings…

even if i pay a dev one day to put similar tools inside of blender, it will never catch sketchup simplicity, because blender dont support n-gon with holes

(what a ngon with holes? here a topic i made in sketchup user forum because of conversion problem with ngon from skp to blender

and blender user-base is not ready for cad implementation, they have this idea that implementing cad tools for blender will lead to conflicts with regular more “organic” modeling, i had a lot of confrontation from other artists when speaking of implementing cad based tools… “blender is not a cad based software, go use fusion 360” ect… … also, we, precision users are a small minority of users… lets face it, even if blender being more cad friendly could import a large ammount of peoples into the blender cult .

For that specific issue did you try Limited Dissolve feature in Blender?

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yes it can work only if the n-gon have one hole only

Hmm, I see, that’s bad. Also note that I tested with glTF and it gave much better results.

Here is a result with glTF (I removed doubles and used Limited Dissolve):

For SketchUp glTF exporter/importer:

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First step is done, imported into blender, imported the same camera via a .dae export, cleaned the normal, cleaned the shading and bevel every important corners

next step: texturing

i will check if this method of exporting is working in my workflow, thanks

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working on lightning

yes i use a sunlamp because with hdri you really have a limited artistic power over how the light behave in your scene, i will put an hdri with no sun for the AO sky lighting bounces later

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starting to know where im heading, still need a lot of work

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unfortunatly i dont have a lot of time to finish this project quickly like i usually do, i will try to finish it post process too for tuesday

project to do list:

-better middle ground rocks
-better woodfloor material
-better architecture tewtures ? change the white wall with something else ? what ? just add some details ?
-more dirt everywhere, everywhere, everywhere !
-add a curtain on the right, left too? translucent ?
-add a hand a doorhandle
-add a metallic texture to pop something in the wondows rails ?
-better far away water
-add some asset in the right garden area ?
-add more trees ?
-add more texture detail on the front assets
-change fruit color, look weird
-add an HQ carpet, hair system?
-change chair metallic material ?
-correct geometry of the table
-add a ceiling with a texture that add to the composition instead of breaking everything

the denoiser erase every details of the chair :frowning:

next things to do :
-remove the mist, its way too much
-add some dirt a bit everywhere
-rework the plant pot, but how ?
-add some details on the right part of the white wall ?
-add some wood color on the ceiling ?
-expand the view left and right ?
-change the white blanket.
-change the repetitive texture of the wood framings
-add a second transparent curtain ?

then post process

aaaand its done, going to move on next project now, cool