Little Garden


this is my latest render

if you have any advices on how i can improve my photorealism, please go on im listening.

topic of the work


I vote feature this!


Looks good, only the tree’s leaf shader could be a bit more realistic.


thanks, im glad you guys like it, my vegetation seems to look a bit off tho, i will try to learn how to make good looking trees in the grove, maybe it will improve my render ?

First of all, it looks great.
Than, I dont sure but it seems to me that a room with this huge opening to this kind of sunny environment should be a little bit brighter. Maybe a bouncing problem…
(English isn’t my native language so…)

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Really nice job mate! Maybe you could’ve used a bit more greenery like in your reference but IMO it also looks great with its desert-like feel!
Keep it up!

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Looks great.
The environment part is a bit painterly, CG style but that was already mentioned.
From my side I’d point out lighting in the foreground. Perhaps giving a little light to these shadowed black areas would give some more depth to the image. Right now in darkest areas it seems to get a bit flat black.
This shadow cutoff might be an artistic choice, but I’d try filling in some slight light there.

Jarek D(DJ)

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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thanks :grinning:

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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thanks again :smile:

I like it a lot. :+1:
What caught my eye, was the ceiling … it looks like cheap parquet (mho!).
Everything else looks fantastique!

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thanks :grin: wood like this on the ceiling are actually pretty rare nowadays but it was really popular in the 50’s

I love it a lot. Its Looking Amazing

It looks like you have a problem with the brick texture. The one to the right of the tree, in front of the bush.
The top does not match the side brick pattern.

Really good though.

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Yeah I was kind of tired of this project and decide to leave it like that to switch to something else

What I don’t understan is what benefits do you see in using sketchup instead of Bllender for modeling.
We use Archipack and other standard modeling tools and we don’t find any problem with precission.

Your render is pretty cool :slight_smile:

its just the way you can draw lines and faces in space, i cant do witouth it
altho it could be fairly easy for an experience add-on developer to write a a plug in that mimic the behavior id like to have in blender

50’s?? Well, we’re living in house made in the mid 80’s and it still has “parquet” at the ceilings … but we had it painted white and it actually looks quite nice :wink:
What I tried to say was, the wood looks like plastic… unlike the floor, which looks great!

Lovely picture of beautiful garden. Its look like a dream picture of a dream boy. Wonderful expression of the photographer.