little girl

Hey there…
A new project I’ve started.

A baby girl… :slight_smile:
Next step will be the Hair I am going to create. Still there is some work on her eyelashes needed. I haven’t used any references… Just started with a sculpting, and afterwards made a retopo. Textures completely painted in Blender and without any phototextures.

Greetings Andreas


That’s kickass Andreas, the eyes are spectacular! The only feedback I have is that her expression make her appear some years older, more like a young girl rather than a baby girl. It’s a tough subject to tackle and I think it’s great so far. :slight_smile:

hey thanks denny! :slight_smile:
Yeah… she has an older look than a baby girl. but I think I like it… Lets say she is about 2-3 :slight_smile:
I would call her finished. I worked a bit on her eyelashes and added some fuzzy curly hair. The background is very minimalistic on purpose. I wanted to focus on her face.

I tried to give her a natural hopefully most beatufull look… After rendering I’ve made some slight colorcorrection.
So enjoy the image. Inspired by my little daughter :smiley:

highres image

Interesting, thoughtful expression :slight_smile:

If it was my model, I would turn the nose out and up - almost all children at this age have their nostrils facing much more fowards. Also, the interior corner of the eyes are much less pronounced than in adults, and its possibly this subtle detail that’s lending the eyes the ‘slightly older’ effect ?

Anyways, nice bit of modelling and I love the lighting and skin tones