Little Glade

I created this scene using Graswald assets only in a time period of 3 days (about 12h of work) because I wanted to see how much I can push the assets and I’m actually really satisfied with the result. Due to the extreme close up, most of the assets are hand placed, but smaller parts like the moss and the background plants are scattered using blender’s particle systems.
Graswald will be released soon on the! For further information visit my project thread:


impressive work

Its sooo amazing mateee!!!))

Holy crap. That’s indistinguishable from a photo, amazing.

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Nice one…

This is very impressive.

Hi Julius,
that is an impresive nature asset pack, and from my point of view far better than the grass essentials. To make Graswald a perfect Product, consider to add some lighting tutorials to the package.
For example one lighting tutorial for the given “Little Glade” shot, one for a overexposed summer meadow, and so on. Or Maybe one for each season, or one for each daytime. Not to much, but to help users the prevent frustration when setting up the first scene.
That would be an advantage against the grass essentials which comes (as far as i know) only with usage tutorials of how to handle the assets.

Finally, but that would maybe be an overkill, the last thing that should be avialable for future updates would be a set of little insects. Some bugs (the animal, not python ones), some flies, two or three butterflies , some bees, a spider, and Graswald is production and future ready.

Good luck for your work!

Looks like a photo. Very nice.

I was already thinking about adding animated insects, which could fly through your scene! I’m certainly gonna add them to future updates. About the tutorials, I’m planning to add different tutorials on how to master different stuff (ground cover, moss, etc) and in those will also give insight to the scenes that I created. Although everything was just lit with a single hdri, picking the right angle and so on can be considered tricky, so thanks for the tip, I’m gonna try to add that as well :smiley:

Stunning man! really photo realistic

Alright I had to sign up in order to congratulate you. Sick job, it is really close to a photo.

Graswald is a really good answer to creating these systems! I’ve followed the work a while and I hope its user base grows as strong as the results!

Really hard to tell that’s not a photography ! Amazing work !

stunning, just waiting for some insects to crawl around :wink:

Amazing! :smiley: Is it PBR?

Wow that is amazing. I am struggling a bit to remember that this is cg an not real.

Great piece of Art

So, so, good.

I really can’t wait for this pack to be released.

And yeah, I agree with the folks above; a few simple tutorials to get everyone started would be a great help to this asset pack.

sweet ( great work ! ) … the assets look AAA+

Very photorealistic. Great work!